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LPG Gas Supplies

We supply LPG in bottles for many applications including barbecues, heating and cooking appliances, industrial applications, in vehicles and more. Liquid petroleum would otherwise go to waste if not contained, and has come to be an essential element of the United Kingdom’s off grid energy mix. Our supplies are affordable, high quality and eco friendly, and, being low in price, helps you to save money. Pay a visit to our store today to collect LPG gas.

Why Use Liquid Petroleum Gas?

Just a few reasons why customers use liquified petroleum gas include:

How LPG Powers Appliances

The two types of LPG, butane and propane, power appliances in a similar way. At room temperature and below natural atmospheric pressure, LPG takes the form of a gas. However, much more energy can be bottled when it is in its liquid phase, as opposed to its vapour phase.

When the liquefied petroleum comes out of the bottle, the pressure drop transforms the liquefied petroleum into a gas form, that will effectively run your appliances.

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Get in touch with us today if you require liquefied petroleum supplies in Cardiff or a surrounding location. We are looking forward to hearing from you and providing you with our top quality products.

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